"One not only drinks wine,
one smells it, observes it,
tastes it, sips it and
one talks about it"

King Edward VII

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L ‘Osteria at Ellender Estate

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 12.30 - 3.30

In keeping with the Swiss and Italian Heritage of the region we have adopted the concept of an Osteria for our dining style at the Estate. According to Wikipedia:
An osteria (Italian pronunciation: [oste'ria]) in Italy was originally a place serving wine and simple food. Lately, the emphasis has shifted to the food but menus tend to be short with local specialities.

Menu at L'Osteria:

Pizza from the woodfired oven:

Taleggio and Mushroom:
Taleggio cheese on a thin base with thinly sliced mushroom and freshly cracked pepper

Prosciutto and Salami:
The thin base is covered with our salsa pomodoro and sprinkled with fetta. This is topped with Istra (locally produced) prosciutto and salami and olives.

Salsa and base, fetta and sliced marinated artichokes, capers and chopped capsicum.

Pizza del Giorno:
An additional pizza is often available such as:
Tuki Trout on Fromage Frais with finely chopped dill.
Thinly sliced marinated potato (olive oil, garlic and rosemary) on Shar River Buffalo Mozzarella.

Platters of Local Produce:

Regional platters for two.  Locally sourced produce - prosciutto and salami from Istra Smallgoods at Musk, Meredith Fetta cheese, Estate grown olives, Country Cuisine chutney and a selection of cheeses and bread from the wood-fired oven.

Bread and Olive:

A simple and suculent introduction is our olive and bread plate comprising our estate produced and processed olives, Kyneton Olive Oil and the bread of the day.

Wines and Mineral Water:

Available by the glass or by the bottle.

Tea and Coffee:

Espresso coffee and a selection of teas.

 It Is Advisable To Make a Reservation on Dimmi (on home page)
or Contact Us  03 5348 7785 to avoid disappointment