"One not only drinks wine,
one smells it, observes it,
tastes it, sips it and
one talks about it"

King Edward VII

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"Hands-on" Pizza Making at Ellender Estate

“Without question the greatest invention in the history of mankind is wine.
Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention,
but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.”    

One of the great delights in life is being creative – but in this day and age we are restricted and creativity takes a backseat.  A remedy is to become acquainted with a wood-fired oven - considered in Roman time as the centre of creation. The Goddess of ovens, Fornax, is depicted as being responsible for the “creation of life” in the womb represented by the oven – consider the expression of  “a bun in the oven” and many other aspects of creation!

At Ellender Estate we introduce you to the doctrines of “the Wood-fired Oven”.

During a four hour course at the Estate we introduce you to:
. using a wood-fired oven,
. the construction and use of an Alan Scott oven,
. creation of your own dough,
. blending of flavours and other oral sensations,
. cooking in a wood-fired oven,
. partaking of your endeavours matched with our Estate Wines, and above all,
. having a challenging, entertaining and educational experience.

The origin of flatbreads, the pizza being of recent origin, is in excess of 3,000 years.  Flat breads and pizza reflect many styles and hold secrets and intrigues - some will be imparted to you during the session.

This course featured in Delicious Magazine.  It has formed the basis of a most rewarding corporate team building exercise with many leading companies and organizations.

Video of pizza making course made by Hong Kong Medical Specialists

Course includes - introduction to flat breads and pizza, pizza making, eating, and matching with wine. Course notes are provided to complement this stimulating experience.

Cost: $155 per person.

Bookings and further information: E: glenlyonestate@bigpond.com.au
or T: Lee on 03 5348 7785