"One not only drinks wine,
one smells it, observes it,
tastes it, sips it and
one talks about it"

King Edward VII

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Discover Your Wine Senses

 One not only drinks wine,
one smells it,
tastes it, sips it
and one talks about it.


Aldridge Cartoon We are all the same?

A structured wine tasting given by winemaker, Graham Ellender, features a tasting of Estate produced wines and an insight into the principles and practices of grapegrowing and techniques of winemaking using tasting, sensory and computer aids.

The Five Senses

Wine can be confusing, confounding and confronting - but should it be so?

Some wine you love; others are not your style - many you do not understand.

Wine like a painting arouses the senses
- not only composition, balance, colour, texture but also aroma, flavour and a harmony with foods and the occasion.

Wine is an expression of the humble grape with unique attributes from the region - revealing hidden aromas and textures when fermented and aged.

At Ellender Estate we invite you to build up an understanding of wine.

The Experience

Wine is art and science,
intermingled with black magic.

In small group interaction, the sensation of wine is explored and fctors influencing wine such as lighting, glass style and temperature are considered. The session lasts approximately an hour and a half and concludes with a cheese platter, wine tasting and talk!

Fun and an innovative presentation by Dr Graham Ellender - Brewer, University Educator, Dental Surgeon and now - Winemaker!

It is an encounter into the components of wine and how you perceive them as an individual - in short it "Induges Your Senses".

$55 per person - bookings are essential.

Information and bookings

Jenny on (03) 5348 7785 or e-mail jenny@ellenderwines.com.au